Mixed Breed Pig
12/5/2010 – 2/23/2022

Nicky was our furthest traveled pig, coming to us all the way from the warm Florida climate. Being an elder pig, he needed a pig-friendly place to retire to, and we were happy to accommodate! (Learn more about his history: Florida Pig Retires to Virginia Pig Sanctuary). While he was only with us for three months, he left an ever-lasting impact on our sanctuary. On February 20, 2022, we noticed he was unable to stand up at all, and was not drinking or eating. Our vet did a thorough analysis of Nicky and the findings were paralysis from the waist down, due to spinal injury, most likely an old injury that worsened due to age, arthritis and pressure from weight. Due to age, he would not be a candidate for surgery or prosthesis. Despite heavy pain medication, he was still in pain and unable to move. The vet agreed that the only humane option was to end his suffering and so he was euthanized peacefully and without pain. He made an everlasting impact here at the sanctuary. He was cremated and his remains spread at “Tulip’s Meadow”. The new barn where he lived his final days will be known as “Nicky’s Barn” and will be a place for elder pigs to receive love, care and support.

The barn where Nicky lived his final days is now known as “Nicky’s Barn” and is used for the care of pigs needing extra comfort and attention.
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