About Us

The mission of Piggins and Banks is to provide a loving, peaceful sanctuary for unwanted pigs and surrendered animals.

We meet our mission by offering a forever haven to pigs and animals, providing education about them to the public, and offering visitation / volunteer experiences to individuals and small groups.

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Our Story

Piggins and Banks is the life-long dream of Aaron and Christie Riddle. Both growing up loving and caring for many animals, over the years they have given a home to pigs, dogs, cats, ferrets, toads, frogs, turtles, tortoises, salamanders, rats, mice, hamsters, horses, and hedgehogs just to name a few. Christie has owned and operated one of the most successful hedgehog breeding and care businesses on the East Coast (USDA-licensed Riddle’s Hedgehogs and Friends, LLC) while Aaron has over 20 years experience in business and marketing ventures.

Giving a home to seven pigs since 2011, it wasn’t until they adopted their two newest pet pigs to train as therapy animals (the popular Mary Piggins and Mr. Piggy Banks) that Aaron and Christie realized there were so many other pigs out there that needed a home. Many people will often adopt pigs thinking they are easy to care for like dogs, or will stay small in size like a piglet. However there is no such thing as a “mini” or “teacup” pig! Even the smallest pigs will grow close to 100lbs in size. Pigs also require special attention different from dogs or cats. They are social animals and prefer to be around other pigs.

Because of this, many people will get rid of their pet pigs by abandoning them or selling them cheaply to people looking to have them butchered for meat.

That is why we have been inspired to help these unwanted pigs (and other animals) and started the Piggins and Banks Pig and Animal Sanctuary!

Help Pigs in Need

From the young to old, big to small…so many pigs out there need a home. Many pigs are taken in as pets even by those with great intentions, yet often are abandoned, neglected, or not cared for properly. We give these pigs a second chance at life by giving them a forever home to live their lives surrounded by other pigs and people who will give them love and care for the rest of their days.

No donation is too small. We appreciate and thank you for any help you can provide to make Piggins and Banks Pig and Animal Sanctuary a success!

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