Why Help Pigs?

It’s a question we get asked often…why a pig sanctuary?

Pigs are one of the smartest animals on the planet ranking just behind primates and dolphins in intelligence. They all have unique personalities and their intellect has been noted as equal to that of a human toddler. They are highly emotional creatures and cry real tears when they are sad. Pigs are also extremely social and develop close bonds to their owners and companions.

Even those who have great intentions and seek to give a pig a home as a pet often struggle with the responsibilities that come along with being a pig parent. Due to their intelligence, pigs need constant mental stimulation to avoid boredom. Without attention or other pigs to be around, their loneliness will often result in depression which yields to destructive behavior in a home setting.

We have a passion to help pigs in need. They have feelings, possess the intellect equal to that of a human toddler, and desire companionship. Pigs only want love, care and a sense of belonging. We feel blessed to be able to provide that through our sanctuary.

Dispelling the “Micro” and “Teacup” Pig Myths

There is no such thing as a “micro” or “teacup” pig. Even the smallest pigs will grow to close to 100lbs in size. The term “mini pig” applies to any breed of big that is not a giant farm hog. This includes potbelly pigs, juliana pigs, kune kune pigs, and others.

Breeders will often starve or malnourish baby pigs to keep them small, so that they can advertise them as “micro / teacup pigs” and sell them for a very large profit. People will purchase these pigs, and then once they feed them a regular diet, will see the pig grow, and grow, and grow until it becomes much larger than they ever expected.

Pigs Do Not Act Like Dogs or Cats

Pigs can make amazing pets, but they require a ton of work, patience, and understanding. They do not behave like dogs and cats. If you plan on having a pig as a pet and putting it a room for eight hours while you go to work, you are going to come home to a destructive, angry, and depressed pig.

Pigs also thrive in an outdoor environment where they can do what they love doing most…rooting! Pigs love to root and dig through the ground constantly searching for a tasty morsel of food. A meticulous green lawn can be turned into a muddy mess by a pig in less than a week.

A Forever Home for Pigs

Due to lack of education and knowledge, sadly over 95% of pigs are re-homed during their lifetime. Our mission at Piggins and Banks is to put an end to that cycle and give the pigs we take in a forever home. We do not adopt out our pigs but welcome them as permanent residents where they thrive in a rural setting surrounded by many of their kind.

Every donation we receive at Piggins and Banks makes a huge impact on the lives of our pigs. From $5.50 which covers a bale of straw to provide warmth during the winter to $500 which can buy 24 panels of fencing to make room for many more pigs, all amounts matter!

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