Virtual Presentations

Attend a FREE virtual zoom presentation given by our Executive Director to learn about pigs and why we save them.

Our FREE zoom presentations are hosted by executive director Aaron Riddle (aka The Head Hog) in which we discuss our pig and animal sanctuary including why we choose to focus on giving pigs a forever home.

All proceeds from optional donations go directly towards providing food, shelter, and care to our pigs and animals.


Piggins and Banks Virtual Presentation

45 minute virtual presentation with topics covering:
• Introduction to Piggins and Banks Pig and Animal Sanctuary
• Why save pigs?
• What is a mini pig?
• The micro / teacup pig myth
• Pigs as pets – what do you need?
• What’s it take to run the sanctuary
• Open Q&A session with The Head Hog via chat
• Limited to 50 registrants per session

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All virtual presentations are held via Zoom and require a desktop computer OR mobile device with the FREE zoom app installed.

Limited to 50 registrants per session.

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