Florida Pig Retires to Virginia Pig Sanctuary

Coming all the way from Florida, elder pig Nicky is our furthest traveled pig who we are happy to welcome to the Piggins and Banks family.

At 11 years of age, he is an older pig who was in need of a pig-friendly home to retire to due to housing restriction changes at his owner’s residence in Florida. Due to his age, finding a suitable home for Nicky was proving difficult for his owner…until they found Piggins and Banks on the internet! After reading about our love of pigs, they told us that we were the only place they trusted to take Nicky.

After hearing Nicky’s story and that they would be willing to transport him all the way from Florida as well as provide financial support, we agreed to take him having just acquired a new barn area that would be perfect for an elderly pig. Nicky arrived in early December 2021 and we set him up in a newly cleared-out barn area with outdoor access. Our vet came to see him shortly after and gave him a clean bill of health along with a needed tusk and hoof trim.

In the spring we plan on outfitting another stall and pen next to Nicky’s so he can have a couple of pig friends to interact with and keep him company.

Help Support Nicky

We depend on the support of kind-hearted people to help ensure pigs like these pigs receive the best daily care possible! Please consider making a small donation or even sponsoring them as a virtual pig parent. All donations make a positive difference in the lives of our pig residents. Should you choose to sponsor any pig, you receive a welcome packet, some keepsakes, on-demand updates about him, and even a free ticket to one of our guided tours so you can meet them in person!

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