Six Piglets Saved from Euthanasia by Pig Sanctuary

Christmas is the time to spread joy and good cheer to all. We were ready to settle down for the holidays and send some cute updates on our pigs, when we received a post on social media from an Animal Control unit with the following information:

You read that correctly. These six piglets would have been put to death shortly after Christmas because no one wanted them. Our hearts sank, but at the same time we were motivated. This was not going to happen on our watch so close to home…and at Christmas too!

One of the first photos we received of the six piglets in need of help.

Saving the The Christmas Six

First, we contacted Howard County Animal Control and quickly got in their system as an approved rescue / sanctuary allowing them to surrender the piglets to us. The piglets were now saved from death and would be placed in our care in a week or so. 

Second, we put out a call to our donors, pig sponsors, and supporters to help raise money for who we now called “The Christmas Six” piglets. We would need contributions to pay for their initial vet checkup and spay / neutering appointments. Our supporters graciously contributed over $1,500 (and counting as of this writing)!

Finally, we scheduled a date to pick up the piglets from animal control and were successfully able to get them back here to their forever home on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Naming the Christmas Six

Originally we were going to hold a naming raffle to pick their names. However, we had interest from several people wanting to sponsor them, so we decided to do something different. 

We put out an ask to all of our supporters and social media followers that whoever committed to sponsoring one of the piglets…they would get to choose their forever name! We had no trouble finding six people to sponsor and name these adorable piglets. The names chosen were:

Support is Still Needed

The ask for help and support from kind people who care about these pigs never ends. In taking in six piglets, it is a long-term commitment since most pigs can live between 15-20 years of age. Funds will always be needed for their food, bedding, vet care, and more. Visit our How to Help page for all the ways you can help support these piglets, and all our other pigs here too. 

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