Chloe the Cat Rescued

New Rescue Cat Resident Chloe

When our executive director Aaron Riddle (Head Hog) went to pick up straw from our new straw supplier there were many barn cats hanging around. One of them, apparently a young kitten, was super duper friendly, constantly purring, and jumped up into his truck. The farmer said he had so many barn cats around that Head Hog should take that one home.

Now, we are at full capacity with all our animals, but something about this kitten made Head Hog call an audible and bring the cat (which we named Chloe) home with him.

It’s a good thing he did because it turns out this “kitten” was a severely malnourished mature cat.

Chloe the cat is super friendly.
Chloe the cat is so friendly she barley will hold still for a photo!

The poor thing was flea ridden, had tapeworms, a significant umbilical hernia, a respiratory infection, teeth issues with missing incisors and root exposure on her back teeth, AND was severely emaciated weighing a mere 3.5 lbs which is the size of a four month old kitten. It turns out Chloe is an estimated 8 years old!

Thanks to the care of Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates and the comforting cat care of Christie (Mrs. Head Hog), Chloe is doing wonderful and already gained a ton of weight. She was successfully spayed and received treatment for her worm and infection issues. We do plan on taking her back to the vet to have her teeth repaired soon.

Despite all of this, she is one of the most friendly cats we have ever met. She constantly wants to purr and be with you, and never uses her claws at all when being held or pet.

You can help support Chloe and all our other rescue cats at Piggins and Banks by making a tax-deductible donation. All amounts help! ❤️

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