domain mascot at piggins and banks

Support from USA Today Top Domain Registrar

Squeal Squad, we are happy to announce that Piggins and Banks has been given a significant monetary contribution towards our mission of saving pigs by the organization Porkbun!

Now…please do not let the name stop you in your tracks. Despite the pork reference, this domain registrar company is very much pro-pig rescue!

They even made the above graphic of their mascot visiting Piggins and Banks showing their support of pig rescue! 🥰🐷 

We use Porkbun as our website domain registrar (so basically allowing us to have the domain They provide 500+ domain extensions at really low prices…which greatly helps us out as a nonprofit organization. There’s a domain extension to represent anything you do from .org, .giving, or .foundation for philanthropic ventures to the usual .com and even .dog and .horse! (sadly there’s no .pig domain extension…yet)

Porkbun also offers powerful web hosting solutions, email hosting, and their new Link In Bio tool for all your social media needs. Plus every domain registration at Porkbun comes with tons of freebies like WHOIS Privacy, hosting trials, email and URL forwarding, and SSL Certificates. Somehow they’ve managed to make it even better by backing all this up with five-star support 365 days a year.

In addition to their support of pigs, Porkbun is also offering all friends of Piggins and Banks $1 off your next domain name when you click the link or use the code HOGWILD24 at checkout. 

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