Happy National Pig Day Pancake Party

Happy National Pig Day

March 1 is a day to celebrate that all pigs should be treated with kindness and love. We held a vegan pancake party where all 66 of our pigs enjoyed a home-made pancake treat! 🥞

Watch our Pig Pancake Party Video

66 pancakes were made with pumpkin, flour, flax seeds, raisins, oat milk, molasses, and baking powder by our own Director of Operations, Christie Riddle. That’s a lot of pancakes!!!

Here are some ways YOU can help us celebrate National Pig Day: 

🐽 Share a fact about pigs with your family or friends to help them understand how much pigs are misunderstood. For example, you can show them this video which gives a great overview on why we save pigs.

🐽 Set aside some time to volunteer at a local animal rescue or sanctuary that gives a forever home to pigs. The work is never-ending at animal rescues / sanctuaries and any help you can contribute is much appreciated! Interested in volunteering with us? Submit an application!

🐽 If you are able, give a monetary donation to a nonprofit organization that helps rescue pigs. Your generosity is what makes nonprofits like ours possible, and we would not exist without your help.  

On behalf of all our pigs here, Happy National Pig Day! ❤️🐷

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