HAES Students pig performance

Virginia Elementary School Raises $1000 for Our Rescued Pigs

Students, Teachers, Staff, and Parents at Harding Avenue Elementary School in Blacksburg, VA raised $1,000 to support the rescued pigs of Piggins and Banks as part of the school’s One Book, One School reading event during February and March!

Under the coordination of Librarian Lisa Gay-Milliken, all grades at the school spent time reading “The Adventures of a South Pole Pig”. As described online, the book follows the adventures of Flora, the pig:

Flora’s a die-hard dreamer. She’s never left the farm, but she knows she was born for adventure. She’s determined to become a sled pig! A harrowing voyage to Antarctica, a bacon-loving cook, and a shipwreck in deadly conditions stand between Flora and her dream. What will happen to Flora, whose companions see her as more of a meal than an adventurer?

HAES students in front of pig fundraising chart
Students from Harding Avenue Elementary School stand in front of their fundraising board tracking amounts raised for each pig.

Each class from grades 5-K at the school selected a pig to raise money for from one of the 66 who have been rescued by Piggins and Banks. Piggy banks were placed in each classroom to collect money for each pig. Overall $1,000 was raised in total! The “top hog” that raised the most money was Clarance, as selected by Ms. Chadwell’s class.

The month-long event concluded with a two-hour celebration full of fun activities for the students and a thank-you video message from Piggins and Banks executive director, Aaron Riddle (Head Hog):

“The support we received from the students, parents, teachers, and staff of Harding Avenue Elementary School is truly incredible,” said Riddle. “They are nearly four hours from us but cared so much about our mission of fostering education and empathy towards pigs that they chose us to be part of their amazing reading event…it is simply awe-inspiring.”

To thank the students, Piggins and Banks sent a package of stickers so that all students at the school received one for participating and reading the book. 

HAES students showing off piggins and banks stickers
Harding Avenue Elementary School students proudly display their Piggins and Banks stickers.

“Any Harding Avenue student that schedules a guided tour with us via our website gets a free ticket…parents still have to pay of course,” Riddle said.

“It is my hope that the amazing generosity of Harding Avenue Elementary School will inspire others to give to our, or other sanctuaries, that strive to create a better world for pigs.”

HAES staff in pig shirts
Faculty and staff from Harding Avenue Elementary School.
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