Our friendly felines enjoy daytime catnaps while keeping away harmful vermin.

Chai the Cat


Tabby Cat • Rescued • 3 years old
Birthday June 28, 2020

Born a farm cat in the Punxsutawney, PA area (yes, the Ground Hog town), Chai came to Piggins and Banks as the first of two cat residents (along with sister Cosmic). She is friendly, curious, and if you don’t pet her, she just might scratch you.

Cosmic the Cat


Black Cat • Rescued • 3 years old
Birthday June 28, 2020

Cosmic is the sister to Chai and the more calm, reserved cat of the two. Observant and thoughtful, she is always keeping watch to ward off pests and rodents (and counting down to Halloween).

Amber the cat


Tabby Cat • Rescued • 7 years old
Birthday April 23, 2017

Born a feral farm cat, Amber spent her first few years caring and protecting her kittens from traffic while living near a busy road. She came to Piggins and Banks to be spayed and live out the rest of her years more peacefully. She is very shy around strangers, but sweet and loving to her friends.

Mochi the Cat


Siberian • Rescued • 3 years old
Birthday February 9, 2021

Mochi is an adorable purebred Siberian kitty. She arrived to the sanctuary as a possible special needs cat, but further testing proved that she is completely healthy. Mochi brightens our days at the sanctuary with her sweet and loving personality.

Sushi the Cat


Medium-Haired Tabby • Rescued • 3 years old
Birthday April 6, 2021

Sushi was a feral kitten that has become super affectionate after a lot of socialization. He is a big goof and loves to play with his best friends, Mipha and Zoe.

Mipha the Cat


Calico Tabby • Rescued • 2 years old
Birthday July 4, 2021

Mipha was rescued from a feral colony. She was very malnourished and needed medical treatment. She, Zoe and Sushi have become best buddies. Mipha is a tiny cat due to her rough start in life, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in spunk.


Calico Tabby • Rescued • 2 years old
Birthday June 20, 2021

Zoe was born after a local farm took in two rescues and before they were able to be spayed, two big litters of kittens were born. Zoe needed a home and we were happy to take her in. She is a really sweet kitty and loves to be in the center of things.

cracker the cat


Brown Torti Tabby • Rescued • 4 years old
Birthday May 15, 2020

Cracker is a super sweet cat who no longer had a place to live after circumstances changed and her previous owners’ landlord would not allow cats on the property. We were happy to take her in. She loves her best friend Bat.

Bat the Cat


Medium Haired Piedbald • Rescued • 2 years old
Birthday August 20, 2021

Bat was malnourished when we took her in. She needed flea treatment and some tender love and care. After a couple of weeks, she looked like a different kitty. Bat’s best friend is Cracker.


Gray Tabby • Rescued • 2 years old
Birthday May 9, 2022

Apple was named after the location of her rescue. Shoppers tried for days without success to catch her outside of the Apple Blossom Mall. She was tiny and starving when we captured her and brought her to live out her life at Piggins and Banks. After weeks of socialization, she started to enjoy human company, but her best friend is Mipha.

Athena the Cat


Black Domestic Shorthair • Rescued • 6 years old
Birthday June 12, 2018

Athena was rescued from a feral colony along with her litter of kittens. She was young, weak and unable to produce milk for the little ones and despite efforts from a rescue organization, all but one of her kittens passed away. The survivor is also here at Piggins and Banks and he and Athena are extremely bonded. You will see them walking tails intertwined around the property.


Black Domestic Mediumhair • Rescued • 5 years old
Birthday June 5, 2019

Apollo was rescued from a feral colony along with his mother and littermates. He was a fighter and the only survivor from the litter. He and his mother, Athena, are extremely bonded. He is a big goof and exceptionally friendly.


Orange Tabby • Rescued • 5 years old
Birthday December 1, 2018

Weasley showed up one day at the sanctuary and was determined to make this his home. He is extremely shy around people and it took a year to catch him to be neutered and released. Eventually, he became friends with all of the cats here. We are working on getting him more used to people.

Pete the cat


Gray Tabby • Rescued • 7 years old
Birthday August 10, 2016

Pete appeared one day with a pretty significant limp. It took weeks before we earned his trust enough to capture him and take him in for veterinary care including vaccinations, x-rays and neutering. X-rays showed shrapnel throughout his body from being shot at multiple times. He also had a healed fracture causing his limp. Thankfully, he is not in pain and can live out his life more peacefully here. He has become exceptionally sweet and trusting of humans. We are glad to have him as part of the sanctuary.

Chloe the Cat


Calico Tabby • Rescued • 8 years old
Birthday January 22, 2016

Chloe came to us from the barn of one of our straw suppliers. There were many barn cats hanging around and one of them (Chloe…who was so small we thought she was a kitten) was so friendly she jumped right into our truck. The farmer said to take her home, and we are glad we did because at the time she was flea ridden, had tapeworms, a significant umbilical hernia, a respiratory infection, teeth issues with missing incisors and root exposure on her back teeth, AND was severely emaciated weighing a mere 3.5 lbs which is the size of a four month old kitten. It turns out Chloe is an estimated 8 years old! We nursed her back to health and she is one of the friendliest cats you will ever meet.

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