Our friendly felines enjoy daytime catnaps while keeping away harmful vermin.


Tabby Cat • Rescued • 13 months old

Born a feral farm cat in the Punxsutawney, PA area (yes, the Ground Hog town), Chai came to Piggins and Banks as the first of two cat residents (along with sister Cosmic). She is friendly, curious, and always in the mood to play.


Black Cat • Rescued • 13 months old

Cosmic is the sister to Chai and the more calm, reserved cat of the two. Observant and thoughtful, she is always keeping watch to ward off pests and rodents.


Tabby Cat • Rescued • 4 years old

Born a feral farm cat, Amber spent her first few years caring and protecting her kittens from traffic while living near a busy road. She came to Piggins and Banks to be spayed and live out the rest of her years more peacefully. She is very shy around strangers, but sweet and loving to her friends.


Siberian • Rescued • 5 months old

Mochi is an adorable purebred Siberian kitty who unfortunately tested positive for Felv as a young kitten. Due to this fact, she is an indoor only cat and needs special care to live out her fullest life. She came to us from nearby in Virginia. Mochi brightens our days at the sanctuary with her sweet and loving personality.

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