We Have Rescued Two New Piglets from Possible Death

Today we rescued two adorable piglets from a horrible life and have given them a forever home. We often browse Craigslist and other sites keeping an eye out from unwanted animals being given away. A few weeks ago an ad caught our eye in the Winchester, VA area giving away pigs as pets or MEAT.

We understand there is an industry that breeds hogs for pork and we accept we cannot save all the pigs out there. However whenever we see “mini pigs” that have been bred as pets being given away for potential meat use, we try our best to step in and save those pigs!

This particular instance was especially urgent knowing these poor pigs were right in our hometown area of Winchester, VA.

Thankfully the poster of the ad finally responded saying they had two pigs left. We immediately replied stating we would take them today, and met them for a quick pickup.

Two new piglet rescues

Both piglets are now here at there forever home where they have been placed in a spacious outdoor pen with shelter close to our other pigs (but separated for now). We gave them a deworming treatment and will examine them in a bit more detail tomorrow after they have gotten a good night’s rest. They did gobble up some food showing that they were not too nervous or scared to eat and drink, so that’s a great sign!

They have yet to be named so stay tuned!

We will need your support to help with these new piglet additions for veterinary appointments, food, and treats! Click below to contribute and help our mission of saving pigs like these.

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