Shop the Piggins and Banks Store: All Proceeds Benefit the Pigs and Animals

We are excited to announce the opening of our online store where we will sell Piggins and Banks merchandise. All proceeds from all sales go directly towards helping the pigs and other animals we have given a forever home.

We have chosen to use the company Bonfire to handle our merchandise production and shipping. Per their website:

Founded in 2012, Bonfire began as an easy solution for communities to fundraise online with t-shirts. We’ve helped thousands of individuals, groups, and nonprofits raise money for the causes they care about. Now, we’ve expanded our services to anyone looking to print or sell apparel, totes, hats, mugs, and more.

Once we are registered as an official nonprofit with the IRS, Bonfire will offer us even lower rates for creating our merchandise allowing more funds to go towards our pigs and animals needing love and care.

Keep checking our store periodically for new additions!

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