The Piggins and Banks Animals Sanctuary Start-Up Fundraiser

Starting up a non-profit requires a lot of hard work and initial funds to get the process rolling. Right now in the early stages Piggins and Banks is being completely funded privately by The Riddle Family.

The Riddle’s personally purchased a 17-acre home that will be used to provide a loving comfortable home for pigs and other animals in need of a place to stay with lots of love and care. However there are many more expenses that they will need help with to start up the non-profit!

Our Startup Expenses

These include:

$2000 – Legal, accounting, and administrative fees involved to create a nonprofit organization and ensure legal compliance.

$3000 – Fencing and building supplies for one year to create very large areas with comfortable shelters for pigs and animals.

$2000 – One year supply of pig food, treats, toys, and care supplies

$2000 – Veterinary costs and spaying / neutering for pigs  

$1000 – Transportation costs to cover transport of pigs to their new home here at Piggins and Banks

Help Us…Help Pigs in Need!

From the young and old, big to small…so many pigs out there need a home. We want to provide them with a forever sanctuary to live their lives surrounded by other pigs and people who will give them love and care for the rest of their days.

No donation is too small. We appreciate and thank you for any help you can provide to make Piggins and Banks Pig and Animal Sanctuary a success!

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