Tyrion the Pig Comes to Piggins and Banks from Brooklyn Park, MD

We are excited to welcome our newest pig family member, Tyrion! Growing up in the Baltimore-metro area of Brooklyn Park, Tyrion’s parents gave him a wonderful home for six years. However as time passed, Tyrion got bigger, which meant more space was needed. Add to this the fact that his parents recently welcomed a new baby into the family, which created some jealousy issues and signs of aggression (which is to be expected anytime a new family member or pet is introduced).

Listed on a “Pre-Loved Pigs” group on Facebook, this is the post we stumbled upon when searching for pigs that are a good fit for Piggins and Banks:

Tyrion’s owners responded to us and told us how much he meant to them. They also were very picky about where he would come to live, and decided that Piggins and Banks would be a perfect home for him.

On Sunday, November 1, 2020 they made the drive from the Baltimore, MD area to bring Tyrion to us and his new home. It was a windy day and at first he was very nervous about his new surroundings. To let him know this was a place where other pigs lived, we brought him over to the living area of Mary Piggins and Mr. Banks (they were moved to the front porch with treats to not overwhelm Tyrion). Tyrion seemed right at home, and even showed us a few tricks he knows such as sit, circle, and up.

It was hard for Tyrion’s owners to leave him here as he was part of their lives for 6 years. Tears were shed, and as they said goodbye, we took Tyrion on a long, peaceful walk up to the main pig pen area where we gave him his own living quarters to begin gradual acclimation with the other pigs.

Tyrion settling in with his comfy bed and mounds of warm hay and straw.

After a few days of feeling each other out and finding their place in the new herd, Tyrion is getting along great with all of the other pigs. He loves scampering about the large pig field and rooting under the trees…something his apartment life never allowed him to do.

Help support Tyrion! Every time we take in another pig, that is another mouth to feed and snout to care for. Show your appreciation and support by clicking the button below to make a donation. Every amount means the world to us!

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