Welcome Dude the Pig from Pasadena, MD

The Dude has come to live at Piggins and Banks! No, not that Dude….but Dude the pig!

Dude hails from Pasadena, Maryland which happens to be the home town of two of our team members (Aaron and Joshua Riddle). Living right along the Chesapeake Bay area, Dude’s owners were looking to find a good home for him so he could live happily outdoors around other pigs. He was being kept in their backyard and they felt like he needed a friend, as they were unable to keep him inside because he would not house train properly.

We were alerted to Dude’s situation when we found this post on a mini-pig Facebook group that helps re-home pet pigs:

After learning of our connection to the Pasadena, MD area, Dude’s owners knew that Piggins and Banks was a perfect match. We made the drive out to Pasadena and transported Dude back here to his new home without any problems. He is one of the sweetest pigs we have ever encountered!

Dude needs to lose some weight as he is approximately seven months old and a very plump pig. We have put him on a measured diet of high quality pig food, along with vegetable snacks until his weight comes down some. Other than that he is very happy, healthy, and already loving his time here spent close to other pigs.

Dude tired out from a long day of getting to know his new home.

Help support Dude! Every time we take in another pig, that is another mouth to feed and snout to care for. Show your appreciation and support by clicking the button below to make a donation. Every amount means the world to us!

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