John Owens Pig Sponsor

Pig Sponsor Spotlight: John Owens


John Owens

Current Residence:

Stephens City, VA

How did you first hear about Piggins and Banks?

I first heard of Piggins and Banks when they kept showing up as a recommended page on Facebook. The adorable Mr. Piggy Banks caught my eye. Once I started looking into them I saw one of my work colleagues is a founder which I thought was awesome because most nonprofits lack a personal touch.

What made you decide to sponsor a pig?

When I saw all of the pigs facing life or death situations that were given a new lease on life from Piggins and Banks, I had to play some small part in helping.

What do you like most about the pig sponsorship program?

At any time I can ask how Onyx is doing and get a reply. I get monthly photos and updates. I enjoy knowing that my money helps provide happy lives for these pigs. You also get a nice magnet featuring your sponsored pig that has served as a conversation starter for telling people about Piggins and Banks!

Do you have a story about Piggins and Banks that really inspired or moved you?

When Piggins and Banks took in Madison, a pregnant pig, we got to be spectators to the birth of her piglets and the ups and downs that followed. It really made me feel invested in the mission. Those piglets get to have the most wonderful life from day one!

If you were talking to someone else about supporting Piggins and Banks, what would you tell them?

When you stop to spend five minutes with a pig, or especially a group of them, you will never look at them the same again. Piggins changed my perspective and I already was predisposed to thinking pigs were awesome. Piggins and Banks is a charity where I know every single dollar is going to good works and that they are financially transparent to their donors. Every pig has a story and Piggins and Banks is helping provide fairy tale endings.

John and Onyx during a guided tour in April 2021.
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