Ciara Fitts Pig Sponsor

Pig Sponsor Spotlight: Ciara Fitts


Ciara Fitts

Current Residence:

Woodbridge, VA

What made you decide to sponsor a pig?

Pigs are my favorite animals. The world needs more people like Piggins and Banks. Pigs or other farm animals do not deserve the hands that they were dealt. If someone harms a dog everyone is in an uproar. When someone harms a pig or a cow no one cares because they are meant to be “food”. I sleep well at night knowing that Bruiser and Freddie will be taken care of.

What do you like most about the pig sponsorship program?

I love the updates that we are given. Any time I have a question about my pigs Aaron and team are quick to reply back.

Do you have a story about Piggins and Banks that really inspired or moved you?

Lucky’s story really touched me. Lucky and Stella were originally bred for “food”. Lucky has a messed up leg due to the genetic breeding he has undergone to make him grow very unnaturally fast for meat. If it wasn’t for Piggins and Banks his life would have been cut short.

If you were talking to someone else about supporting Piggins and Banks, what would you tell them?

Spend a few hours and get to know the pigs. Their stories will change the way that you view them forever.

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