Pig in Winchester VA finds Forever Home at Local Pig Sanctuary

The opening of our new Elder Pig Barn (where we located our older pigs to on the property) yielded an empty space in one of our main pig pen areas. This meant that we were able to accept one additional resident pig to our forever home. With so many pigs needing help and support, we knew it was only a matter of time before that spot was taken.

Sure enough within days we were contacted by a local family seeking to re-home their pig, Junebug. They originally rescued Junebug from the Humane Society of Warren County when she was only a few months old. Not much was known about her history except that she had a case of mange and the previous owner failed to remove an agricultural tag from her ear. Having long since healed, this is one of Junebug’s defining features (which makes her all the more lovable).

With changes not allowing her rescue family to take care of Junebug anymore, we gladly accepted her. Initially we expected Junebug to go through a small bout of depression (as most pigs do that have lived in one place for so long). However, she has only been here a few days (as of this writing), but it feels like she has been part of Piggins and Banks since our beginning! Embracing the routine of food, treats, and comfort of a spacious pen in the woods, Junebug can be seen with her tail wagging in a great mood anytime we visit the pen throughout the day.

Junebug exploring her new pen at Piggins and Banks.

She also has some of the loudest pig smacks you will ever hear, as seen in the below video. The true sound of happiness from a pig!

Help Support Junebug

We depend on the support of kind-hearted people to help ensure pigs like these pigs receive the best daily care possible! Please consider making a small donation or even sponsoring them as a virtual pig parent. All donations make a positive difference in the lives of our pig residents. Should you choose to sponsor any pig, you receive a welcome packet, some keepsakes, on-demand updates about him, and even a free ticket to one of our guided tours so you can meet them in person!

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