Welcome Teodor the Dog from Russia

Welcome Teodor the Dog from Russia

A new canine friend has been added to the family at Piggins and Banks!

With the passing of The Riddle Family’s dog Dusty in December 2021, they had been looking for a rescue companion for their other dog Leroy. Due to the close interactions with various other animals here at the sanctuary, only the right dog with the perfect temperament would be a good fit.

Teodor, or Teddy, met those expectations and then some! He is between 7 to 9 years old, and his age is uncertain because he was found on the streets of Moscow, Russia. There he wandered and slept in abandoned houses often starving. People frequently beat him and drove him away. But Teddy never became angry or developed a hatred for humans. Instead he waited and hoped for his forever friend or family.

Teddy is an excellent car rider, taking his place and watching out the window (or sleeping).

Teddy was saved by a kind gentleman (and dog rescue owner) who worked in Russia and brought over to the United States in January 2022…immediately before the war with Ukraine began. They nicknamed him “the last dog out of Russia”. When he came to Piggins and Banks for an initial visit, we immediately fell in love with his incredibly calm demeanor and exceptional manners. Being that Christie Riddle (Mrs. Head Hog) was a Russian major in college and lived in Moscow for two years was an added bonus of how we know Teddy was a dog who would fit in great at Piggins and Banks.

Teodor watching the pigs
Teddy watching the pigs and learning they are friends.

Within days Teddy has taken to the sanctuary routine of helping stand watch while the pigs and other animals are fed in the early mornings and evenings. He has made friends with all the free-range chickens and outdoor cats roaming the grounds. Most importantly, Leroy has welcomed him with both dogs getting along splendidly, and happy to have a sanctuary friend in one another.

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