Mr. Banks the pig

Mr. Piggy Banks

Painted Potbelly Mix Pig
Founding Resident
4 years old
Birthday: May 11, 2020

Mr. Banks is one of the namesakes and inspirations for us starting Piggins and Banks Pig and Animal Sanctuary. Wanting to get a friend for Mary Piggins, we found Mr. Banks as a piglet available on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in June 2020. His ear had a chunk taken out of it and his tale was cut off…which we assume was because Mr. Banks had been marked to be sold for meat. Saving Mr. Banks from this horrible fate inspired us to not only train him as a certified therapy pig (allowing him to visit places like schools and nursing homes), but also led us to the decision to start a nonprofit pig sanctuary to save other pigs like him. Mr. Banks is truly one of a kind…with his handsome eye lashes, positive attitude, and smarts for investment tips! He was certified as a therapy pig by the American Mini Pig Association on his first birthday and now is one of the main attractions of our private tours given at Piggins and Banks. He even has his own t-shirt! We saved Mr. Banks’ life…and he is directly responsible for saving the lives of all the pigs that we give a forever home to.

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