Blue Butt and Spot Mixed HogRescued June 26, 2021 Lucky will grow to be the biggest pig here at Piggins and Banks. He is not a miniature pig but a farm hog and will grow to be nearly 800lbs! While our primary mission is giving a home to miniature pigs that have been kept as pets and are no longer wanted, we have a soft spot in our heart for pigs that are born with the ultimate goal of being slaughtered which is why we decided to save Lucky. (Learn more about his history: Lucky the Hog in Heaven at Piggins and Banks)


Potbelly PigRescued April 24, 2021 Stefan is one of Sunday’s four male piglets that we rescued together as a family from the Virginia 155 pig farm rescue. His name (submitted by Tatiana V.) was picked out of a hat as part of a fundraising raffle we held to chooses names for the piglets. He is all black in coloring and the smallest of the group compared to his three brothers. (Learn more about his history: Virginia Pig Sanctuary Welcomes Sunday the Pig and Her Piglets)

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