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I’m a certified pet therapy pig who lives in the Winchester, VA area that loves to spread smiles and bring good cheer to people who need it most.

My Story

Born in Richmond, I was adopted by The Riddle Family in the Winchester, VA area where I was trained and certified by the American Mini Pig Association as a pet therapy pig!

I’m a pig who loves my family and was trained to be a member of the therapy pig program administered by the American Mini Pig Association. This means that I can safely meet and interact with visitors who come to Piggins and Banks to help them learn about pigs.

To earn this certification I had to learn a bunch of tricks, including coming to my name, sit, stay, leave it, walking on a leash, gentle treat taking, and handling. My family also taught me many more tricks including shake, give a kiss, shut the door (I push a door closed), play piano (I play a little piano with my snout), and much more.

If interested, you can read more about the AMPA Therapy Pig program.

Interested in meeting Mary Piggins at Piggins and Banks?

Visits with Mary Piggins are included as part of our guided tours.

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