Zeus the pig (and brother Bert) were the first pigs rescued by Piggins and Banks. Learn about their story and how to support our mission of saving pigs.


Rosie is the first pig that the Riddle Family ever took in opening the door for them to learn how smart and special pigs are. Sponsor a pig to support our nonprofit!

Mr. Piggy Banks

Mr. Banks is one of the namesakes and inspirations for us starting Piggins and Banks Pig and Animal Sanctuary. Learn more about this super special pig!

Mary Piggins

Vietnamese Potbelly PigFounding ResidentBirthday: August 22, 2019 One of the namesakes of Piggins and Banks, Mary Piggins is a certified Therapy Pet Pig by the American Mini Pig Association and also an internet celebrity. As a certified therapy pet pig she is able to volunteer at public organizations, retirement homes, schools, etc. where she can visit and bring smiles to those needing a good cheering up.

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