Potbelly Pig
9/17/2011 – 6/10/2022

Bertha had a very rough life of over breeding, neglect, and was even discarded in a ditch left for dead until she was found by a kind man named Christopher Kirtley, who placed her in the care of Pigsburgh Squealers Rescue. There she was nursed back to health, and eventually placed into our care to live out her remaining days. She was able to make her home with us for close to two years where she was safe, loved, and had a wonderful friend in fellow pig Rosita. Eventually Bertha was unable to stand on her own and was not eating or drinking. Our experienced pig vet sadly recommended euthanasia as Bertha was simply shutting down from old age, and she left us the afternoon of June 10, 2022. Bertha had a very hard life, but the last few years of it were spent surrounded by people and pigs that loved and cared for her, showing that there is goodness and kindness in this world towards pigs. (Learn more about her history: Rough Life No More: Bertha the Pig Finds a Forever Home)

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