The Lucky Lot

Lucky the Pig


Blue Butt and Spot Mixed HogRescued June 26, 2021Birthday: January 31, 2021 Lucky will grow to be the biggest pig here at Piggins and Banks. He is not a miniature pig but a farm hog and will grow to be nearly 800lbs! While our primary mission is giving a home to miniature pigs that have been kept as pets and are no longer wanted, we have a soft spot in our heart for pigs that are born with the ultimate goal of being slaughtered which is why we decided to save Lucky. (Learn more about his history: Lucky the Hog in Heaven at Piggins and Banks)

Peter Curleytail

Mangalitsa PigRescued April 4, 2021Birthday: February 20, 2021 Peter was born to be a pig sold for meat. A supporter of Piggins and Banks (wishing to remain anonymous) purchased him from a local farm. Instead of keeping the pig for meat, the supporter brought Peter to Piggins and Banks to live a fully, healthy, and happy life. Being a Mangalitsa pig, Peter will grow to be at least 300lbs in size! He will have curly, soft hair almost like a sheep. (Learn more about his history: Easter Pig will NOT be a Ham Dinner: Gets a Chance at Life)


Onyx is a large, gentle pig that loves to gobble up his meals! Sponsor him or any of our pigs to help support our nonprofit mission of saving pigs.

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