The Lucky Lot

Georgie the Pig


Georgie was saved during a pig scramble event at a local fair by a young boy who wished to see him live a full, happy life. He’s our biggest pig at the sanctuary!

stella the pig


Stella is one of our full-sized pigs we give a forever home to. She is large and in charge!

Hamilton the Pig


Hamilton is a mulefoot pig and is one of our full-sized pigs. He is very lovable and will follow you around like a puppy dog.

Lucky the Pig


Lucky the pig was born specifically to be slaughtered for meat, until he was saved. He has joint and mobility issues since he was bred to grow large and fast.

Peter Curleytail the Pig

Peter Curleytail

Peter is a Mangalitsa pig! He is with curly, soft hair almost like a sheep. His thick wooly coat keeps him super warm even during the coldest winter days.

Onyx the pig


Onyx is a large, gentle pig that loves to gobble up his meals! He lives with his best friend Bruce in our area for larger pigs.

Bruce the pig


Bruce is a large, gentle pig and loves to scratch his head or rump on tree trunk. He also can always be found with as mile on his face!

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