Bert and Zeus’ Neighborhood

Journey the pig


Journey the pig came to us after her owner passed away from cancer. She is a very calm, sweet pig with a lovely long tail!


Reggie came to us with his friend Bailey and is the “smaller” pig of the two. He is more timid in personality, preferring to let Bailey do the investigating, while he keeps his distance.


Bailey the pig came to us with his friend Reggie and is the bigger pig of the two. He is very smart, inquisitive, and a really friendly guy!


Otis is one of our solo pigs that loves to be on his own, but is a super friendly guy that loves pets and attention.

Mr P the Pig

Mr. P

Mr. P the Pig was a very overweight pig when he first joined us, but with some exercise and a healthy eating regiment, he shed the pounds and now is slim and trim!


Gloria was captured in the wild by a good samaritan after escaping a neglect situation. She is a true survivor and is fortunate to have a loving forever home here.

Zelda the pig


Zelda the pig came to us with her friend Link from Harford County, MD. She loves to be pet and has a slow, but steady, approach to her day’s activities.


Link came to live with us thanks to the Harford County Humane Society in Maryland. He loves to walk around with his mouth open (thinking a treat will drop into it).

Rootie the pig


Rootie the pig is a go-getter! Her father was a Kune Kune so she has that outgoing Kune trait in her blood.


We call her Betsy the Biter because she is always very excited to get a treat that she opens her mouth like she is going to bite!

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