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Steve Jenkins of Esther the Wonder Pig Helps Piggins and Banks

This month we were hoping to raise $500 for our hoof and tusk trim fund. We were approximately $50 from the goal when one of our donors and followers shared our cause on the Facebook page of Steve Jenkins.

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Steve Jenkins and Esther the Wonder Pig (image from SteveJenkins.ca).

Steve Jenkins is co-founder and co-Dad of the famous Esther the Wonder Pig movement! Her world-wide fame for years helped spread the cause of looking at pigs in a different light and saving them. After her passing in 2023, Steve is now looking to create a new organization known as Operation (Esther’s) Angels. The new organization will have a sole purpose of generating revenue to give it all back to smaller animal sanctuaries (like us!).

Back to our fundraising story…

After being made aware of our call for funds needed for a small goal, Steve himself shared our mission and post on his page which has a vast reach of animal supporters.

Within one day we blew right past our $500 goal and RAISED A TOTAL OF $1,026.85 (approximately $415 of which came from the Operation Esther’s Angels supporters)!

This is a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated and helped us DOUBLE our GOAL! A special thank goes out to all those that follow Steve. If you would like to learn more about his Operation Angels endeavor, you can visit https://stevejenkins.ca/operation-angels.

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