peter the pig in a video game

Peter Curleytail to Appear in a Video Game

Poland-based video game publisher Untold Tales believes in our mission of helping save pigs and animals, so they decided to join our pig sponsorship program and select Peter Curleytail to support financially.

However, they are taking their sponsorship to another level by including Peter in one of their upcoming video games entitled Everdream Valley!

everdream valley video game screenshot

From their website: Everdream Valley is a vast farming adventure with a touch of magic. By day, you’ll restore your special corner of the valley – raise various crops, care for a slew of animals and help rebuild your grandparent’s farm. At night, magic dreams let you embody various farmland creatures to complete special challenges. 

Untold Tales CEO Maciej Łączny personally assured us that their game focuses on raising plant-based crops and caring for the animals (feeding, caring, and petting them). The animals themselves are not bred or exploited. In his words, “as a publisher and developer, we all love animals and support local activities of giving aid to rescued farm animals as well as dogs and cats.”

screenshot of peter the pig in the video game
A screenshot of Peter in the upcoming video game!

Everdream Valley is coming to PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023. We hope that you will check it out and try to discover our very own Peter in it as a character to care for and love. 

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