georgie the pig

Georgie the Pig: From Pig Scramble to Forever Home

We are proud to introduce our newest rescued pig, Georgie! His story is one of luck and love thanks to a young boy named Declan.

Pig scramble events (often held at county fairs) are a type of activity where young piglets are released into an enclosed area, and participants, often children, attempt to catch them. While these events may be viewed as a form of entertainment, they can be incredibly stressful for the piglets. Not only is the piglet separated from its mother and thrown into an arena surrounded by loud noises and on-lookers, but the experience can also cause physical injury to the pigs, as they may be caught or handled roughly.

boy and pig
Declan and Georgie.

Georgie was part of the local pig scramble event, but was caught by Declan. Declan, who had a big heart for animals, did not want to see Georgie slaughtered. Instead, he made it his mission to find a forever home for Georgie. When Declan’s father first reached out to us, we simply had no room. But as months went by and we saw how much Declan wanted to find a home for Georgie, we wanted to reward his compassion for animals, so we came up with a plan to allow Georgie to have a forever home here with many other pig friends.

boy petting pig
Declan says goodbye to Georgie, but will still be able to visit him! He lives only 45 minutes from Piggins and Banks.

Thanks to Declan’s kind heart, Georgie was saved! Georgie’s story is a reminder that every animal deserves a chance at a happy life. We are grateful to Declan for rescuing Georgie and giving him that chance, and we are honored to provide Georgie with a forever home where he can live out the rest of his days in peace.

pig in pen
Georgie in his new pen at Piggins and Banks.

We hope that Georgie’s story inspires others to choose compassion and kindness towards pigs and all animals!

Help Support Georgie

We depend on the support of kind-hearted people to help ensure pigs like these pigs receive the best daily care possible! Please consider making a small donation or even sponsoring them as a virtual pig parent. All donations make a positive difference in the lives of our pig residents. Should you choose to sponsor any pig, you receive a welcome packet, some keepsakes, on-demand updates about him, and even a free ticket to one of our guided tours so you can meet them in person!

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