Benjamin the Pig Ready for a Squealing Good Time

One of our favorite rescue organizations we have had the privilege of working with is The Humane Society of Harford County in Maryland. They were responsible for helping to place Link, Zelda, and Hulk into our care and working with them was a wonderful experience. So when they contacted us about a few other pigs that needed help, we did what we could to make room for a few. One of them was Benjamin!

Benjamin was purchased as a piglet and kept as a pet in a townhome for several months. He was very friendly and good with children and other animals, but was becoming too much of a handful for the owner. (Editor’s note: for anyone thinking about getting a pig as a pet, please read our article to help set realistic expectations: Pigs as Pets: The Good, The Bad, and The Piggy). She surrendered him to the Humane Society of Harford County where they took care of him, and even had him neutered to increase his chances of a longer, happier life.

Benjamin has only been with us for a little over a month and he already feels like a long-time resident! After being kept in a separate pen to help acclimate with the other pigs, he now lives in our original main pig pen area with the likes of Mick, Tyrion, Dude, Jimmy and many others. He is full of energy, always by your side when you are in the pen, and even will sing for his food when super excited. His squeal and vocalizations are certainly unique!

Help Support Benjamin

We depend on the support of kind-hearted people to help ensure pigs like Benjamin receive the best daily care possible! Please consider making a small donation or even sponsoring Benjamin as a virtual pig parent. All donations make a positive difference in the lives of our pig residents. Should you choose to sponsor Benjamin, you receive a welcome packet, some keepsakes, on-demand updates about him, and even a free ticket to one of our guided tours so you can meet him in person!

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  1. Benjamin has a great “singing voice”, not to mention the most soulful big eyes. What a sweetheart.

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