Virginia Pig Sanctuary Welcomes Sunday the Pig and Her Piglets

Virginia Pig Sanctuary Welcomes Sunday the Pig and Her Piglets

It takes a group effort to save and find homes for the many pigs out there in need of help. Sunday and her four piglets are a great example of how team work found them a forever home at our sanctuary.

Sunday comes from the same rescue operation as one of our other pigs Madison did known as the “Virginia 155”. This was a property in central Virginia where approximately 155 pigs bred out of control due the owner failing in health and unable to care for them. Thankfully an army of volunteers stepped in to work for months to stop the breeding and find homes for a majority of the pigs there (or perform on-site neutering operations to stop the breeding).

Sunday is a super protective mother!
Sunday’s four male piglets (yet to be named).

Our pig Madison (who was pregnant at the time) was one of the first rescued from the Virginia 155 back in December 2020. Nearly five months later we were happy to take in Sunday and her four piglets from the same rescue operation. Sunday gave birth to her four piglets at the Virginia 155 property. Fearing the piglets would be trampled due to the amount of pigs still living there, Sunday and her babies were given a temporary home at the sanctuary of Lorelei Pulliam. Sunday was given her name by Lorelei since she was rescued on a “Sunday”.

Already at capacity, Lorelei sought a permanent home for Sunday and her piglets, and we were happy to oblige. Sunday is one protective mom! At first she was wary of us and would make barking noises and try to charge us if we got too close to the piglets. However over time she has grown used to us and now is a very sweet pig. All four piglets are doing wonderfully and will soon be named after they go to their neutering operation later this month.

Help Support Sunday and Her Piglets

We are able to take in pigs like this because of support from people like you! Every pig we take in results in another mouth to feed, veterinary appointment to schedule, and more…all of which have significant costs. Please consider making a small donation or even sponsoring Sunday as a virtual pig parent. All donations make a positive difference in the lives of our pig residents. Should you choose to sponsor Sunday, you receive a welcome packet, some keepsakes, on-demand updates about her, and even a free ticket to one of our guided tours so you can meet her in person!

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