Pig looking at Christmas tree and star

Twas at Piggins and Banks Before Christmas

‘Twas at Piggins and Banks before Christmas, when all through the sanctuary, the pigs were in the holiday spirit, ready to be festive and merry.

They had made out their Christmas list and checked it over twice, for all of the piggies had been nothing but extra nice.

Well, aside from Mary Piggins who squealed loud with a frown, from getting her hooves trimmed while turned upside down.

Or the time Bert and Zeus escaped from their pen, but thanks to a bucket of food they followed us right back in.

Oh, and the Head Hog got knocked over by Georgie and Dude, they get a pass because they were excited for their food!

Come to think of it…Penelope tried to bite the vet. We blame the vaccine shot, 99% of the time she wants to be pet.

Anyway, back to their list of Christmas gift wishes, which was mostly numerous tasty food dishes.

The pigs wanted hundreds of pancakes stacked super high; boxes of cookies, brownies, and an extra large pumpkin pie.

Bags of popped popcorn and watermelons galore, with a dozen of every donut you could find at the store.

But then the meaning of Christmas made the pigs think, that their Christmas wish doesn’t need to be all food and drink.

The pigs put their snouts together and looked up to the sky, as the Christmas star shined in every pig’s eye.

All they wanted for Christmas was for EVERY pig to know love. To have a forever home like they did where they were always thought of.

For every pig to be looked after and given a chance to live. No more pigs kept in small cages by those with no empathy to give.

All the pigs at Piggins and Banks know there are those who do care. They know of people who help save pigs in need from despair.

So they smiled and hoped for their Christmas wish to come true, oinking “Merry Christmas to all, and Happy Hog-lidays too!”

🎄🐷 Merry Christmas and Happy Hog-lidays from all of us at Piggins and Banks! 🐷🎄

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