The Three Little Pigs Come to Piggins and Banks

While it remains to be seen if they will try to build houses out of straw, sticks, and mud…we are delighted to welcome three new pigs to our sanctuary: Charlotte, Wilbur, and Babe

Coming from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, their previous owner took them in when they were little early this year before falling on some very tough times. With not many resources to rely on and unable to have them spayed and neutered, they reached out to us to see if we could help.

We gladly made arrangements to travel to the Eastern Shore for a day trip where we transported them safely back here to Piggins and Banks. Let’s meet the new pigs!


Charlotte is the lady of the group. She is an absolute sweetheart and very kind natured. Due to being kept in close proximity with the other two pigs, there is a strong chance she could be pregnant. We have given her a pen of her own with a large living quarters and tons of straw to have her ready in case she gives birth to piglets. It could be a month or two until we know for sure, but better to be prepared than not. Once she has her piglets or we are 100% sure she is not pregnant, she will be scheduled for a spay appointment to ensure she lives a very healthy life.


Wilbur is the more outgoing of the two brothers. He is very inquisitive and will come up to greet you when entering his pen. How can you tell him and his brother Babe apart? Wilber has the black all along the top of his nose! He has been scheduled for a neutering appointment on December 14, 2020 along with his brother. Until both boys have been neutered and recovered from their operation, they are being kept in their own spacious acclimation pens.


Babe, the last (but not least!) of the three pigs is a go-getter. He is more shy than his brother Wilbur, but has a lot of energy. As you can see in the photo above, he is particularly fond of pumpkin. Notice how Babe’s nose does has a gap where the black coloring is. His neutering appointment is scheduled for the same day as his brother.

Help support the three little pigs: Charlotte, Wilbur, and Babe! Every time we take in another pig, that is another mouth to feed and snout to care for. Show your appreciation and support by clicking the button below to make a donation. Every amount means the world to us!

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