30 second pig welfare check

The 30-Second Pig Welfare Check

With over 60 pigs that have a forever home at Piggins and Banks, it is important to spend some time to make sure they are all happy and healthy on a daily basis. The 30-Second Pig Welfare Check is a short itemized mental checklist we go through when feeding each pig breakfast and dinner to make sure they themselves and their living environment are in tip-top shape.

In the above video, our executive director Aaron Riddle (Head Hog) goes over the daily routine with one of our pig residents, Kevin.

The 30-Second Pig Welfare Check includes:

  • Pen / Fencing / Gate Check: Checking the pig’s pen, fencing, and gate to ensure there are no breaks and all is in proper working order. If a repair is needed it is addressed immediately if urgent, or added to a punch list if low priority.
  • Water Bowl Check: Making note of the pig’s water bowl and if it needs cleaning or re-filling.
  • Housing / Bedding Check: Observing the pig’s shelter and if new replacement straw is needed for comfort (and warmth during the colder months).
  • Pig Check: Monitoring the pig itself for a few moments to make sure there are no injuries, physical ailments, or notable difference in behavior or attitude.

When the Pig Welfare Check is completed, the pig is then given a pet and scratch so that they know all is well and good.

The Pig Welfare Check is time well spent as it allows us to keep tabs on the condition of all pigs and their living quarters so that any problems can be immediately addressed before they worsen and cause major issues.

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