Rachel Reibach Pig Sponsor

Pig Sponsor Spotlight: Rachel Reibach


Rachel Reibach

Current Residence:

Reston, Virginia (USA)

What made you decide to sponsor a pig?

I’ve been obsessed with pigs my whole life, so I searched for pigs I could visit in Virginia, found Piggins and Banks, and set up a tour as soon as I could. I was able to meet and pet Stella during my tour and fell in love with her. She has the sweetest smile, and is proof of how pigs can grow when they are able to.

What do you like most about the pig sponsorship program?

I love getting photos and videos of Stella eating, smiling, or hanging her pal Lucky. They brighten my day and are fun to share with friends and family when I explain the sponsorship program. I also have her life story and a photo magnet on my refrigerator for all to see!

Do you have a story about Piggins and Banks that really inspired or moved you?

When I toured in November 2021, Piggins and Banks was basically at capacity for how many pigs they could handle. However, they did not hesitate when the Christmas Six needed a new home a month later!

If you were talking to someone else about supporting Piggins and Banks, what would you tell them?

Piggins and Banks does such amazing work, and truly love every single pig in their care. They take the time to get to know each pig and figure out if they want to be part of a duo, group, or need to be alone. It is really a sanctuary for these pigs, with treats, pancake parties, belly rubs, and more!

Rachel petting her sponsored pig Stella.

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