New Piglet Accepted into Madison’s Family at Piggins and Banks

Sadly many times piglets are sold underage as tiny teacup pets before they are naturally weaned by their momma pig. This can cause serious health problems for the piglet due to improper care and malnutrition. 

We were contacted after a kind animal lover named Tamara (from Woodbridge, VA) found a very young pig abandoned in a crate on her porch. Her first thought was that it was a kitten, but was shocked to see a sweet little piglet. The poor piglet was freezing and had crusty eyes. After providing care and getting the piglet back to health, Tamara contacted us to provide a forever home for the little piglet named Pixie

Pixie being welcomed by the Piggins and Banks gang.

Piglets not only rely on their momma pig for food during the first weeks of life, they also learn behavior and become well adjusted by living among their pig family. We quickly realized Pixie’s best option would be to join Madison’s family. But, would Madison and the piglets accept her as one of the herd?

Much to our relief, after a few quick meet and greets with the whole family, Pixie fit right in. Madison is treating her just like one of her own and Pixie quickly made friends with the other piglets. It was heartwarming to see her tail happily wagging with joy to be part of the family, loved and accepted.

Pixie fitting right in with step-mother Madison and step-siblings Tiny, Mo, Kasey, and Tulip.

Help Support Pixie

We are able to take in pigs like this because of support from people like you! Every pig we take in results in another mouth to feed, veterinary appointment to schedule, and more…all of which cost money. Please consider making a small donation or even sponsoring Pixie as a virtual pig parent. All donations make a positive difference in the lives of our pig residents.

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