Create a visual legacy of your generosity towards saving pigs by naming one of our buildings at the sanctuary!

By giving a significant tax-deductible donation towards our mission of providing a forever home to pigs (and changing the public’s perception of them), you can choose to have one of our animal buildings or shelters named in your, or a family member or friend’s, honor.

Each naming opportunity donation includes:

  • Design and electronic mock-up of your named building signage for your review.
  • Production and installation of 6″x18″ sign honoring your gift on the designated building.
  • Several high-quality photos of your building signage after installation emailed to you.
  • Mention of your named building during our Guided Tours.

Pig Shelter Naming – $650 Donation

Our pig shelters are the most common building at Piggins and Banks. These solid industrial plastic structures are perfect for providing several pigs protection from the elements. We fill them full of straw during the winter months which ensures the pigs stay super cozy even when in the single digits.

Pig Cabin Naming – $3000 Donation

We have three large cabins on the sanctuary property which provide shelter to larger groups of pigs. Two of them are located at Mary’s Piggily Pleasant Pen for Friendly Pigs, which is where tour attendees are able to enter to pet and meet pigs up close and personal. The other cabin is located at our North Pig Pen. All cabins are highly visible and seen by all who visit Piggins and Banks.

Barn Naming – $10,000 Donation

Our main barn is the primary focal point of the sanctuary. You can’t miss it as you arrive at the sanctuary parking area. It is seen by anyone and everyone who visits Piggins and Banks. It is your typical red “farm” barn that provides shelter to our horses and essential storage to keep some of our feed and bedding materials out of the elements.

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