Our rabbits are so soft and fluffy you’ll want to give them a snuggle.


Holland Lop Rabbit • Adopted • 6 years old

Sniffers is the oldest rabbit…wise, calm, and maybe a bit lazy.


Holland Lop Rabbit • Adopted • 5 years old

Snuggles is the boss rabbit who always seems to be in charge and getting what she wants.


Holland Lop Rabbit • Adopted • 3 years old

The curious sort, Sampson is always the first one to explore a new place or try a new hiding spot.


Chestnut Lionhead Rabbit • Rescued 16 months old

Spiffles came from Berryville, VA. Her family was moving and unable to take her with them. She was listed on Craigslist as an available rescue rabbit and we made a home for her here.

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