Fuzzy and fun, the ferrets are always entertaining to watch.


Ferret • Adopted • 5 years old

She used to be known for her hyper energy, but now Fiona is the calm elder ferret at Piggins and Banks.


Ferret • Adopted • 4 years old

Noodle is full of energy always running, jumping, and climbing to see what is going on.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Ferret • Adopted • 3 years old

We call him Dr. Doof for short. He’s the baby ferret of the family but the largest in size!

In Memoriam


Ferret • Rescued • May 18, 2018 – October 10, 2022

Bowser came from a rescue organization in Winchester that decided to shift its focus to only reptiles. He was the last ferret to leave the rescue and was very depressed. However upon meeting his new ferret friends here at Piggins and Banks he perked right up and was happy-go-lucky for his time with us.

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