How Do You Stop a Pig from Rooting? The Answer: You Don’t!

One of the most frequent questions we get from potential or new pig owners is “how do I stop my pig from rooting and digging up my yard?” The answer is…you don’t!

Pigs MUST root. Not letting a pig root is like telling a dog not to sniff or a cat not to groom itself. It’s what they were born to do, so it is important that you give them the outlet to do so.

When outside they should be given a dedicated area where they can do their rooting. We suggest a fenced in portion of your yard. Note that if the area is lush green grass it will likely be turned to dirt by the pig in a matter of days. Again, this is by nature’s design and you have to accept that your pig must do this.

If an indoor pig, provide them with a rooting box: a wooden or sturdy box of some type filled with small river rocks, plastic balls, or towels with food sprinkled in. If not given the outlet to root when inside, the pig will become frustrated and bored and exhibit destructive behavior. Remember a pig has the intellect of a 2-3 year old child, so it is very important that they be intellectually stimulated at all times.

At Piggins and Banks Pig Sanctuary we house all our pigs in roomy outdoor pens among nature with soft soil where they can root to their heart’s delight.

Check out this video about our pigs and rooting:

Help Support Our Pigs

We rely on the financial support of people like you that truly care about giving a happy and healthy life to the pigs we have taken in whom were all unwanted, neglected, or abandoned. We offer a variety of ways that you can help support our mission of giving these pigs a forever home here.

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