GUNDA Film Screening Held to Benefit Piggins and Banks

The Alamo Drafthouse of Winchester, VA hosted a film-screening event of GUNDA, a G-rated black-and-white, wordless, scoreless documentary following the life of a pig, her piglets, as well as cows and chickens. The event was organized by the Alamo Winchester Film Club to benefit our mission of saving pigs and a variety of other animals.

The film is directed by acclaimed film-maker Viktor Kossakovsky and executive produced by academy award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix.

The turn out was fantastic with 52 tickets sold resulting in funds raised toward the care of the pigs we give a forever home to.

Just as important, the impact of the film was felt by all in attendance. There were not many dry eyes left in the theater when the end credits silently began to role. It was a very impactful film with a story that needs to be told. Please, please, please watch this film if you want to see life through the eyes of these beautiful animals.

In the words of one attendee who spoke with us after the screening:

“This film was exactly what it needed to be! It carried a message and I told my friends that as well. I swore off all meat tonight, I was fully touched.”

For those that were not able to attend, a trailer of the film is below and it appears to be available on most streaming services.

Not able to attend the screening but want to help?

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