Escape Pig Given Second Chance by Piggins and Banks Pig Sanctuary

If a pig ever had a true survival story, it would that of Gloria (who we named after Gloria Gaynor for her hit song “I Will Survive“). While we can only go by the information we gathered from the individual that captured her, the scars and blemishes on her body serve as evidence that she has had a very hard life.

From what we know, she was apparently kept in a pen with several other pigs in the deep woods of West Virginia. Eventually the owner stopped caring for them and left them to die. Gloria managed to escape from the pen and fled into the woods. There she stayed for several weeks living off the land and avoiding predators before making her way to the backyard of another local pig owner while in search of food.

This pig owner, who treats his pigs well, knew that Gloria would not last in the woods. Over several days he was able to win her trust with some hog feed and was eventually able to lure her into a side pen where he captured her. Not wanting to call animal control for fear of what might happen to her, he searched for a local animal / pig sanctuary to help, which is how she came into our possession.

Gloria now has a permanent, forever home here at Piggins and Banks. Currently housed in a pen next to Hulk, she had adjusted very quickly and now lets the Head Hog hand feed her treats and pet her. She is obviously not spayed, so we hope to schedule her an appointment for that soon in the coming month or so.

Help Support Gloria

We are able to take in pigs like this because of support from people like you! Every pig we take in results in another mouth to feed, veterinary appointment to schedule, and more…all of which cost money. Please consider making a small donation or even sponsoring Gloria as a virtual pig parent. All donations make a positive difference in the lives of our pig residents.

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